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Personal Data

Name: Bezem
First name: Johan
Birth: 1964, in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
Nationality: Dutch
Marital status: Married, no children

Professional Projects

2017 November – 2018 April In assignment of Centomo, Stuttgart, I will start a new assignment for Peiker Acustic GmbH & Co. KG, Friedrichsdorf, Germany. I will work as a technical project manager software, but I don’t know anything more yet.

2011 January
- 2017 October
In assignment of Harvey Nash, Ludwigsburg, I currently work again for Valeo Switches and Detection Systems, Bietigheim. As software architect, developer and project manager I am responsible for design and development of several reusable modules for switch evaluation and diagnostics, as well as project management. In addition, I coach and train teams in Germany, Egypt, Hungary and China on topics like operating systems, refactoring, cryptography, and static code analysis (QA-C and PC Lint).
Technical environment: Target platform Vector MICROSAR/AutoSAR, languages C/Assembler, processor Freescale S12X/MPC56XX, Renesas R8C/RL78, CANoe, CANdela, FlexRay, CAN, LIN, OBD II, PC Lint, QA-C, MISRA, SlickEdit, DOORS, Serena Dimensions.

2010 July
- 2010 December
In assignment of BackUp GmbH, Gummersbach, I worked for Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe, Langen. As assistant software project lead I was responsible for integration and release management developing a series of OEM infotainment systems.Technical environment: Target platform Windows CE, languages C/C++/Java, processors Renesas SH4 and V850, PC Lint, MISRA, SlickEdit, Subversion.

2009 January
- 2010 December
In assignment of Hays AG, Mannheim, I worked for B.Braun Avitum AG, Melsungen. As a software architect I took responsibility for a new architecture for a new class of dialysis equipment.Technical environment: Platform Windows, language C, processors Freescale ColdFire, Xilinx FPGA, Bluecat Linux, PC Lint, MISRA, SlickEdit, DOORS, CVS, Subversion.

2008 May
- 2008 December
In a direct assignment of Delphi Deutschland GmbH, I have taken on responsibilities as a software architect and project leader. First as a developer responsible for the commissioning of a first prototype, then as the architect and software project lead for the complete implementation, including direct communication with the customer (FIAT); a project in the area of body computing.Technical environment: Platform Windows, language C, processor NEC V850FJ3, CAN/LIN, QA-C, PC Lint, PolySpace, MISRA, SlickEdit, DOORS, CM/Synergy, Change/Synergy, VaST METeor simulation.

2006 December -
2008 April
In assignment of Harvey Nash, Ludwigsburg, I worked for Valeo Switches and Detection Systems, Bietigheim. As software project leader I was responsible for all software aspects of a customer project in the area of steering angle measurement and steering column levers. My responsibilities extended especially in the areas of SPICE-assessment, process improvement and counter measures planning.Technical environment: Platform Windows, language C, Processor Freescale S12X (Eagleray/Batray), Flexray, QA-C, PC-Lint, PolySpace, SPICE, MISRA, SlickEdit, StandardCore 6.7 (BMW), DOORS, Serena Dimensions, ProjectScheduler/PS7, Microsoft Project.

2006 May -
2007 January
In assignment of EDM, Engelskirchen, I worked as an embedded systems designer and team-lead for Siemens VDO, Wetzlar. In the area of system software, a base component for their navigation solutions, I had assumed responsibilities for component design and quality control.Technical environment: Platform Windows, processor ST10, language C, CM/Synergy, PC-Lint, QA-C, MISRA, SlickEdit.

2005 December -
2006 April
In assignment of TietoEnator (formerly SESA), Eschborn, I took on a second project for Delphi-megamos, Wiehl. I worked as embedded specialist and systems designer, responsible for the development of a body control module. Special responsibilities included the adaptation of the Standard Core build structure, diagnosis (ISO 14229-1), and a LIN-bus implementation.Technical environment: Platform Windows, processor NEC V850, language C, Standard Core 6.5, CM/Synergy, ChangeSynergy, CAN/LIN-busses, PC-Lint, QA-C, MISRA, GNU Make, SlickEdit.

2005 February -
2005 November
In assignment of TietoEnator (formerly SESA), Eschborn, I worked as an embedded specialist in a project for Delphi-megamos, Wiehl. The assignment consisted of practical quality control in an existing software (Body Control: Lamps, LED’s, windscreen wipers, theft prevention, etc.) before release: Code reviews both using source code walk-throughs as well as using tools like PC Lint, QA-C, and PolySpace.Technical environment: Platform Windows, processor NEC V850, language C, compiler Green-Hills, CM/Synergy, ChangeSynergy, CAN/LIN-busses, PC-Lint, QA-C, PolySpace, MISRA, Borland-Make, GNU Make, SlickEdit.

2004 April -
2005 January
In assignment of Reutax, Heidelberg, I took on a successor project for IBM, Mainz. I worked as systems designer and developer on an international project (project location: Vienna, Austria) for the creation of new logistics equipment for the transportation industry (based on the results of the previous project), concentrating on configuration management (CM).Technical environment: Platform Linux (SuSe 8.2), simulation GNU C++, GNU make 3.80, Cygwin, processor ARM 7, operating system pSOS/pRISM+, database C-Tree, configuration control CVS/ClearCase 2003, PC-Lint, Rational Rose, ClearQuest, Eclipse, Visual SlickEdit.

2004 January -
2004 March
In assignment of Reutax, Heidelberg, I worked as a developer and systems designer for IBM, Mainz. The assignment concerned a redesign and implementation (in C++) of a C-Tree-based database layer for an embedded navigation and logistics system for transportation vehicles.Technical environment: Platform Linux (SuSe 8.2), simulation GNU C++, processor ARM 7, operating system pSOS/pRISM+, database C-Tree, version control CVS, GNU-Make 3.80, Cygwin, PC-Lint, Rational Rose, ClearQuest, Eclipse, Visual SlickEdit.

2003 October -
2003 December
In assignment of SOLCOM, Reutlingen, I worked as a consultant for BMW AG, Munich. The assignment concerned process analysis in the area of specification changes for the HMI/MMI for electronic systems, in combination with supplier management in the same area.Technical environment: Requirements management, DOORS, Change Synergy, PSP (Personal Software Process), TSP (Team Software Process), CMMI, V-Model, as well as the regular Windows-based applications for office use, including MS Office.

2003 June -
2003 September
In assignment of MegaPart GmbH, Karlsruhe, for Siemens VDO automotive, a large automotive supplier, in Regensburg. As team leader of an integration team of 5, I was responsible for the software integration of the head unit of a new infotainment system for Audi AG (4500 source files for 2 processors). The head unit additionally contains a tuner module as well as a navigation module, and communicates with external components through a MOST ring.
The challenges were to newly structure and define the integration process, to speed up both compilation/link times as well as the integration times, and to increase the stability of the system by specifying a set of guidelines for the merge process.
In addition, I have actively supported the debug team on various occasions.Technical environment: SH3 and ST7 processors, Operating System VxWorks, Wind River ‘Tornado’ development environment using C++, Rational ClearCase configuration management, Clearmake/GNU make, IDL using self-made tools for class generation, UML using I-Logix’ Rhapsody. Debugging using CANoe/CANalyzer from Vector and OptoLyzer from Oasis. Defect management using Rational ClearQuest. Documentation using Microsoft Office. Workstations Windows NT4 SP6a.

2000 January -
2003 May
Employed by CSK Germany GmbH, Frankfurt, (since September 2001: CSK Software AG), a solutions provider for the financial markets, I took on the duties of Operations Manager of the development department, responsible for day-to-day operations, human resources (in close cooperation with the HR department), office management for the second office in Frankfurt (Development and worldwide helpdesk), and worldwide IT infrastructure.
My responsibilities included all active projects, communicating directly with segment and project managers. In my additional role as deputy Director of Development, I have overseen more than 40 developers, 8 help-desk personnel, 6 network administration professionals, plus additional staff (documentation specialists, project managers, office administration).
The project areas cover trading frontends, derivatives pricing, quoting machines, order routing applications, as well as data distribution systems (e.g. for Reuters-, VWD-data) and configurable message translation software (e.g. for SWIFT-conversions) on an XML basis.My development work concentrated on two main projects:

  • Design and development of an interface between the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (Liffe) API and the CSK trading frontend, using C++ with CORBA.
  • Design, development and roll-out of a multi-platform general development environment on the basis of ‘GNU make’ and bash, for all platforms in use, e.g. Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux.

Technical environment: Standard office applications, MS Project.
For my main development work I’ve used Cygwin 1.3.x with Visual C++ 6.0, Sun Forte 6.1, (as well as many different compilers for other development platforms, including GCC 3.x), ORBacus 4.0.5 with JTC 1.0.14, GNU make (gmake) 3.79.1, bash 2.05.
Most projects are mainly C/C++ client-server applications, frontends built in Tcl/Tk, Java, or C++, using external libraries like RogueWave, CTREE, ACE, JTC, and/or Qt, communicating using sockets or CORBA (ORBacus). The platforms supported are various UNIX flavors (mainly Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Linux), as well as Windows NT/2k/XP.
The network infrastructure is primarily built on Sun Solaris, with Cisco routers and switches, VPN’s between the offices, 15+ home office connections, using Microsoft-only solutions outside of the development department. CSK maintains 7 international offices, 2 of which are located in Frankfurt.

1999 August -
1999 December
In a direct assignment for CSK Germany GmbH, Frankfurt, I took on the responsibility of project manager, responsible for projects within the development department.Technical environment: Standard office applications, Lotus Notes 4.6/5.0, MS Project. The projects themselves are mainly C/C++ client-server applications, partly using RogueWave and/or CTREE, GUI’s created with Java or Tcl/tk. The platforms supported are various UNIX flavors and Windows NT 4.0.

1999 May -
1999 July
In assignment of Future Consulting GmbH, Königstein, for BancTec GmbH, a supplier of technical solutions for the banking industry in Langen. The assignment was to specify, design and implement a converter program (EDIFACT <-> SQL) as part of a workflow solution for investment processing.Technical environment: Development in C and Informix ESQL/C; tools in C and shell scripts (bash/csh). Documentation and specifications using Microsoft Office 97. Operating environment Windows NT 4.0 and SuSe Linux 6.1, target environment HP-UX 10.x. Informix IDS 7.2x with Embedded SQL for C. LC-Lint/PC-Lint 7.5.

1998 March -
1999 April
In assignment of TMS GmbH, Hildesheim, for Mannesmann VDO (now: Siemens VDO automotive), a large automotive supplier in Wetzlar. The assignment was to assist with the realisation of a large, high-end infotainment system. Aside from providing input on the design and development of such systems, I had a mediating role towards TMS, where one of the components of this system has been developed. For what I’ve heard, the system is in production, and used for the ‘VW Phaeton’ top class limousine.Technical environment: Development in C, C++, Java; tools in Perl, VB/VBA. Project management using Project 98. Documentation and specifications using Microsoft Office 97, FrameMaker, Visio, HTML. Operating environment Windows NT 4.0, Sun Solaris using C-Shell. PC-Lint 7.5.

1997 May -
1998 February
In assignment of TMS GmbH, Hildesheim, I was in charge of several smaller projects, including setting up the TMS internal network (Windows NT 4.0, ISDN, software installation), and a small project for Ericsson, a telecommunication company.Technical environment: Development in Visual C/C++ 4.x; tools in VBA. Network installation using Windows NT 4.0, Exchange 4.x, BinTec router.

1995 August -
1997 April
In assignment of TMS GmbH, Hildesheim, for Blaupunkt, a large automotive supplier in Hildesheim. The assignment was the conception and realisation of a platform to create six different, but partly similar, high-end infotainment systems for three separate customers, including navigation and telematics, using a distributed architecture. After the architecture (partly based on the previous projects) was accepted, I took on the role of software project leader for the platform, and guided up to 35 developers.
All products have reached a mature state, and are currently available from various car manufacturers as optional equipment for a new car. The platform concept has matured also, and is still in current use.Technical environment: Development in C (Tasking), Visual C/C++ 4.x. Project management using Project 4.0/95, Microsoft Team Manager 1.0. Documentation using Microsoft Office 4.x/95, Visio, AutoCAD. Operating environment DOS 3.31-6.22, Windows NT 4.0. PC Lint.

1994 May -
1995 July
In assignment of TMS GmbH, Hildesheim, for Blaupunkt, a large automotive supplier in Hildesheim. The assignment was to create a smaller version of the car radio system described below, containing all the same features but smaller, and not really distributed anymore (Bremen RCM 127, New York RDM 127). Developing this system (the main unit) with a team of up to 6 at any one time, I first took over project leader responsibility in parallel, until I was asked to do the next project.
The system has been very successfull on the market, enhanced with navigation.
At the outset of this development, the need for a company-wide standard for automotive networking was felt, and the design of the MCNet (Mobile Communication Network) protocol suite was started. I was present on the design team from the start until it’s first use in the product. The MCNet protocol suite has been jointly supported by Bosch and Vector Informatik, and is now more or less superseded by OSEK-standardised protocols. Newest developments are also available from “ CAN in Automation (CiA)“.Technical environment: Development in C (HighTec GNU), Visual C/C++ 4.x. Project management using Project 4.0. Documentation using Microsoft Office 4.x/95, Visio, AutoCAD. Operating environment DOS 3.31-6.22, Windows NT 4.0. PC Lint.

1990 June -
1994 April
The first real project, in assignment of TMS GmbH, Hildesheim, for Blaupunkt, a large automotive supplier in Hildesheim. The project was to create the software for the control unit of a distributed, top-class car radio system (Berlin RCM 303-A), communicating over a proprietary network (CORA, very similar to LIN, Local Interconnect Network) with components like the radio, the amplifier, the CD-changer or the navigation unit. The system was released in 1994, and from the start it got very good press references (“New reference class!”).Technical environment: Development in C (Siemens, HighTec GNU), Microsoft C 7.0. Documentation using WordPerfect 5.x, AutoCAD 10. Operating environment DOS 3.31-5.0. PC Lint.

1989 March -
1990 April
A forced intermezzo in the Dutch army, but even there I eventually got access to a computer. The assignment was to set up a collection of statistics on working habits (computer based), in order to improve work efficieny in a ‘vehicle repair shop’ (tanks, jeeps, trucks, etc.). Thanks to Jaap Geluk for a perfectly good time!

1988 September -
1989 February
Full customer support for Volleman GmbH, a VAR based in Hamburg, reselling networking software for the german market. The network was Waterloo Port, a PC-based network operating system from Canada. The support included installation, configuration, PC hardware where necessary, and WAN support.

Pre-1988 experience

Customer support for a network operating system In parallel to my studies at the university, I earned a little on the side at PC Robo, a company distributing the ‘Waterloo Port’ network operating system for the Dutch market. I did installations, first- and second-line support, communicated with the developers on hard issues, and performed duties on several fairs.
A self-made network
for MSX computers
Arranged by an employee of the university (thanks, Leo!), I got the opportunity to work in Vienna for 6 months, as an official student project (a requirement from the university). The project was to develop hard- and software for a network to be used in a school environment (this network was marketed by Philips under the name of ‘Philips Webwork NMS 3200/00′). Here I got my first commercial experience in designing networking protocols, developing hard- and firmware for the cartridge for the MSX computers, as well as the server end on a 286 running under the UCSD-p system.
BASIC compiler
for a ZX Spectrum
Once in university, different sources of income (and experience) were available: The Computer Club “Stack” (of which I was a member) has tried twice to develop a BASIC compiler. The first was hands-on practical experience in project management, since over 20 participated. It failed, and among a team of three I rescued the product, if not the project.
The second one was much better structured, the same trio together, and we made some real money.
TRS-80 This first computer has earned me quite some pocket money from 1978 until 1982. Since several companies had such systems, without really being into computers, the market for kids like me soared.


University 1982-1988, University of Technology, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Electrotechnical Engineering, Communications Technology.
Degree comparable to an MSc EE.
Grammar school 1976-1982, “St. Oelbert Gymnasium”, Oosterhout, the Netherlands.
Primary school 1970-1976, “De Wingerd”, Oosterhout, the Netherlands.