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Here I have collected all my writings, all in English, and sorted into three categories: Whitepapers for longer texts, blog entries for shorter ones, and a special page for the make structure project.
My apologies for all non-English native visitors, but translating all documents would have taken too much of my time.

  • A first article titled "Type Qualifiers in C", written several years ago, is now available in PDF-Format - it explains the use of 'const' and 'volatile' (and 'restrict') when programming in C (and C++).
  • Have you ever despaired of obtaining a truckload of messages from using PC Lint? Then my second article is for you:
    "How to wield PC Lint". A step-by-step guide to correctly configure PC Lint, and then overcome the possibly thousands of messages produced, updated to cover PC Lint version 9.0!
  • Build environments tend to get neglected. I created a system based on GNU make intended to be neglected, since it automates most of the maintenance work of other systems. And now I started documenting that system in such a way that an interested reader can see how it works, either to use it as-is, or even to adapt it to his/her own requirements. This documentation is far from complete, but growing steadily. Have a look!
  • While software architecture is a main topic when (re-)designing systems, the way of organizing source code in physical environments, on hard- disks, in directories, and structuring the basics of source files is quite often neglected. I have written a short paper that is likely to be expanded in the future, to point at some topics in this area and even give some recommendations (or better: to illustrate what I do when I have the decisive power). Recommended, if only to get some ideas of your own: Physical Architecture.
  • Being a free-lancer I often get into projects where the topics of coding guidelines, style guides and naming conventions are discussed. And most often I then get the unavoidable question: How do others do it? Well, I cannot answer that question directly, but I was tired of having to explain several things again and again. Basically, no problem, but I had nothing in writing. That has now changed. I created a list of the rules I collected over the years, pulled them together and provided some reasoning behind every rule. That last issue is arguably the most important contribution I can give in this area: Every rule is illustrated with some argument, pro and/or contra, or examples. Have a look, and if you will, use it as a part of your company-internal discussion: Coding Conventions.

Others will follow.

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